2019 Round Up From Equine Quality Horseboxes

 We’ve had another fab year at Team EQ with some beautiful builds going off to their new homes around the world. Alice took receipt of her 12 ton EQ horsebox in the Spring and Annette recently received the former demo model – the eye catching colour change horsebox.

Contact us today to request a brochure which explains our builds in more detail. Better still, come and visit us to see the quality of the horseboxes for yourself. Our viewings are very informal with no obligation and feedback tells us that customers like the relaxed atmosphere where they get to sit on the luxury leather upholstery and discuss the horseboxes over some refreshment! 

As well as our own builds we continue to sell used horseboxes for our wonderful clients. Sellers and buyers alike appreciate our attention to detail, thorough product specification and efficient service. We have many returning clients whom we’ve sold for in the past because they are so happy with the service. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about our horsebox selling service.

We recently introduced a valet service to our repertoire – a thorough valet is imperative for getting your horsebox to its best sellable condition. However, we cannot stress enough, how important it is even if you are not intending to sell. Valeting your horsebox highlights areas of maintenance and prevents small jobs turning into big, expensive jobs. It maintains safety levels as well as the value of the horsebox. Call us today to book yours in – you won’t recognise it afterwards!

Back in May, we hosted a very special photoshoot where we recreated the iconic front cover of the Jilly Cooper novel “Riders.” As well as the traditional male hand on a female’s bottom, we also turned it on it’s cheek and shot a female hand on a male bottom. Each image was then used as a wrap over our current demo horsebox – a 5/6 stall 6 berth EQ build on a powerful 420HP Scania. At EQ, we celebrate equality and diversity within equestrian sport – we believe that in the ring, there is no gender, age, race, orientation or religious segregation. Love it or hate it, the imagery instigated much humour, debate and conversation, as well as prove that one can have whatever design they desire on their bespoke horsebox

At EQ, we love hearing how our clients are doing and appreciate the updates and mentions on social media. We are riders ourselves and are as passionate as our clients about our horses. EQ director, Candice, has had a great year with her own horses, with all of them steadily but surely going up a level or two. We are hoping to welcome an El Thuder foal to the team next year, having had a successful embryo transfer from Candice’s own mare Lady Dominique

Next year we will be unveiling our 26T demonstration horsebox. With 6 stalls, luxury living and very practically designed on a Scania chassis, we are sure it will be snapped up with several others commissioned. With others in build, call us to discuss what you are looking for

We would like to thank all our clients, customers and suppliers for a successful year and wish everyone a very happy Christmas. We look forward to seeing you all and hearing about your success in 2020 

Very best wishes.

The EQ Team

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EQ “Riders” 18T Demonstration Horsebox

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EQ Valet Service