EQ Treadmill – A space-saving fitness addition to any yard

A horse treadmill is an ideal piece of equipment to help improve fitness, strength, and muscle tone to any horse on your yard.

Perfect for when you have limited space or in bad weather, but still want that extra something in your horse’s exercise routine. Excellent for horses in rehabilitation. The horses work in a straight line and the option of various inclines really allows the horse to work in a good outline. The treadmill belt provides a smooth, consistent surface, helping to eliminate injuries from uneven footing. Equine treadmills have proven to be particularly useful for bringing horses back into work after injury. Brilliant for fitness work, complimenting the horse’s daily fitness routine.

• Can be kept inside or outside

• Easy access to controls to enable smooth speed change

• Easy to increase and decrease the incline

• The variable speed and incline of the treadmill allows the workout to mimic over-ground conditioning

• Walking the horse on an incline is a great way of improving stamina and building muscle strength, particularly in the back and hindquarters.

You will wonder how you ever managed without one!