Show Ready Storage Solutions & Other Top Tips


With growing anticipation about when we might be able to get back out competing, we thought we would share some of our top tips about making the most from your horsebox so everything is stored carefully, easily accessible and makes the experience plain sailing and fun!

Firstly, one should always ensure the horsebox is mechanically and habitually safe for the journey. You can see our previous blog posts on horsebox maintenance for this.  

Once all that has been dealt with, the packing can begin! Starting with in any tack, skirt lockers or underfloor storage, think what you have on board which normally lives there all the time in between shows. For example, number bibs, first aid kit, show rugs, etc. These items should be kept clean and where possible in an air tight container to protect them from dust and damp (although in an EQ Horsebox, the lockers are insulated and water tight, reducing the risk of this). Furthermore, the storage boxes will help prevent items being stored from damage in transit or from falling into mud or dirt when reaching for something else. 

In the instance where items are loaded and unloaded for each show, like tack, waterproofs, food etc, our tip is to load in reverse order to when you will need them. For example, passports might be needed first, to check into stabling, so load them somewhere last – one of the drawers in the living where you keep paperwork for example. The barbecue for when Dad turns up to light it later can be stored in a skirt locker or underfloor storage, and wont be needed straight away!

It’s also handy to think what needs packing away for the journey and what you can move into the horse area once the horses are in their temporary stabling. For example, Candice, in her EQ Horsebox, opens up the partitions, creating a large “break out” space in the horse area. Here wet coats and rugs can be hung up (these dry out really easily with a heater plugged into the plug socket located in the blanket rack of an EQ Horsebox). 

Labelling your storage boxes or shelves in your tack locker is also a great way to ensure everything is kept and returned to the correct place. This also saves a lot of communication if a new groom is trying to find their way around a lorry, for example. EQ Brand ambassador, Ellie Archdeacon, has used lockdown to label everything, including her vet kit, to increase efficiency in case of emergency. 

Packing what to eat whilst you are away at a show is also important, especially if we might be restricted on eating out in public at shows this year. Candice does an online food shop specifically for a stay away show, delivered to the yard where the lorry is parked! This means items won’t get muddled with household purchases and can be loaded easily into the fridge, freezer or cupboard. Just remember to take out anything perishable on your return and not leave it to find it covered in mould 3 weeks later when you come to re-pack for your next show! 

EQ Horseboxes have many more design features which enable practical, functional yet luxurious stays away. Contact us on 01825 831 931 or email to request a brochure, discuss our horseboxes or arrange a viewing.