EQ Top Tips Getting Your Horsebox On The Road!

      With a very long, wet winter, we barely had a chance to get out and about with our horses this spring before being sidelined due to Covid-19. As we hope to start easing back out to training and competition, we must also consider our horseboxes, which may have been out of action for some while.

      We always say at EQ, that the best way to maintain your horsebox is to use it regularly. By that we mean not only running it, but driving it and spending time in it as well. However, we also understand that this is not always practical. So, if your lorry has been stationary for some time but is about to come back into use, we recommend the following to help get it ready to go: 

      • Ensure the vehicle is taxed, insured, and plated. Plan your plating well in advance – this is particularly important now as some horseboxes are eligible for a three month extension of their plating due to the corona virus. Check when your nearest test centre is due to re-open and the wait list they may have.

      • Check there is sufficient fuel to run the truck stationary and get to the nearest garage on its next journey if necessary.

      • Check the ramp and floor is in good condition before you load a horse onto the lorry. Also check the sides and roof are not damaged.

      • Check seals on the windows, sky lights, TV aerials, shower cubicles, etc. Check for any rot, water damage, corrosion or rust development. These can lead to leaks and breakages and may require substantial repair work

      • If applicable, check the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working. Ensure you have a working and suitable fire extinguisher on board.

      • Drain old water from the tanks and refill, checking there’s no leaks in the pipes. Check the hot water is running through all taps. 

      • Run your generator, if you have one. Check your gas levels if your lorry requires gas.

      • Give the horsebox a thorough clean inside and out – this will help reduce any mould which may have built up and identify any areas requiring maintenance or repair

      • Restock your lockers with all your horsey essentials – don’t forget the polos!

      • Have a look at the tyre pressure and tread and check it meets requirements and test the brakes. Make sure the engine batteries and the leisure batteries are fully charged or if they need replacing

      Ultimately, we recommend you enjoy your horsebox! It is an asset and should be looked after, for your horse’s safety, comfort and enjoyment as well as your own

      If you are unsure about any of the above – call us to discuss. We may be able to help. We also offer a full valet service – you can drop your lorry off or we can collect it, you won’t recognise it afterward.

      *This list is nonexhaustive and just a guide

      System • A picture with a caption

      Muck build up on horsebox roof before EQ Valet

      System • A picture with a caption

      Clean roof after EQ Valet

      System • A picture with a caption

      Dust and Spores on sills and crumbs and food remnants in fridge (before and after EQ Valet)