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Equine Quality are now offering a full valet service for horseboxes. How often do you give your lorry a thorough clean? What do you define as a thorough clean?

At Equine Quality, our horseboxes are always kept in pristine condition, ready for viewings at any time. Furthermore, it keeps them in better condition for servicing, repairs are spotted earlier and it helps to retain their value.

You’ll often see us with a cordless Dyson, a feather duster and a box of cleaning products at shows. We are also known to be on our hands and knees thoroughly sweeping and cleaning the floors!

Show your hard-working horsebox

some love!

Beautify your Horsebox...

Equine Quality are offering a full valet service with us in Sussex. Your truck will be thoroughly cleaned inside and out including the cab, wheels, lockers and inside the doors. The horse area will be washed, scrubbed and polished and the living area will be turned down like a grand hotel ready for a VIP guest. We even get on the roof to give it a thorough clean, check the arial and sky light seals for any damage and remove mould from windows and windscreen wipers.

We can also offer repairs to cosmetic work, such as damaged cupboards, doors or torn upholstery.

Why are we offering this service? Because we are perfectionists! We pride ourselves on our quality products and customer service. The valet will leave your lorry looking pristine. If you are thinking of selling it, the smart presence will make a great first impression to prospective buyers. If you are taking it abroad, having a thorough clean will help make preparation easier and the journey more comfortable.

If you will be using it less over the winter months, the inside and outside is less likely to perish in the elements if it has been left in good condition. 

Please note this service is not mechanical. Any mechanical requirements can be discussed and dealt with separately either by the client’s own mechanic or one recommended by Equine Quality.

Price on application depending on condition of vehicle on arrival. Equine Quality reserves the right to refuse the valet service without providing a reason.

Quality Horseboxes & Treadmills

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