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Demonstration Truck Heads to London leg of The Global Champions Tour

Equine Quality Horseboxes is excited to announce that the demonstration truck will be exhibiting at the Global Champions Tour in London from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th August 2019.

This Longines sponsored event attracts the world’s best showjumpers, such as last year’s winner, Ben Maher and high-brow VIP’s, as well as a footfall of approx. 4000 members of the public.

Set in the stunning grounds of Royal Chelsea Hospital, home of the Chelsea Flower Show, the Equine Quality Horsebox will be in prime position close to the warm-up area, where spectators love to catch a glimpse of behind the scenes action.   

Joining Equine Quality in London is para dressage rider, Michael Murphy. Michael is a grade 1a rider and has had many successes nationally and internationally. Equine Quality supports equality in equestrianism and is hoping to help Michael on his Olympic pathway with an accessible Equine Quality horsebox.

Equine Quality Director, Candice, herself an experienced showjumper, is looking forward to the show. “We’ve never exhibited at such a big show before; I can’t wait to show off the demonstration truck to everyone – and hopefully watch some great jumping too!”

The demonstration truck – with the “Riders” inspired image on the exterior wrapping shows both the male and female posterior with the opposite gender’s hand across. It is the artistic flair of Candice’s own photography work. Rather than only depicting the male hand on a female bottom, Candice has literally turned the iconic image on it’s cheek and reversed the roles on either side of the truck, highlighting that equestrianism is an equal opportunities sport. “I have always been a big Jilly Cooper fan and the image matches my photography style,” explains Candice (whose photography skills have earned her an Oscar Award). “But it isn’t right to assume that men are always provocative to women, it can be the other way around and can affect members of the same sex as well as the opposite.”

Candice hopes that as well as bringing home the message that equestrianism is one of the most equal opportunity sports in the world, the demonstration truck also forms a subject for equestrians and potential clients to engage in conversation and enjoy. Whether that be what they would have as their own custom wrap on a bespoke horsebox or to joke about how well manicured the models’ hands are!

One thing is for sure, the Equine Quality demonstration truck is open for the guests of Global Champions Tour to see and Candice and her team will be on hand to discuss how to put your dream horsebox build into a reality.

Press Contact: Harriet Brown PR
T: 07824771117

Equine Quality unveils new demo horsebox illustrating EQuality

in Equestrian Sport

Equine Quality horseboxes is proud to unveil its new demonstration truck which highlights one major factor exclusive to equestrian sport – Equality.

Equestrianism is one of the only sports globally where women and men compete alongside each other on a level playing field – there is no age discrimination, there is no gender pay gap. Success in the saddle is not determined by race, religion or sexual orientation.  












Mounted on the side of the demonstration horsebox are classy “Riders” inspired images from the cover of the

Jilly Cooper novel, which will leave rivals jealous and men and women jumping to see more.

The images on the exterior wrapping of the Scania horsebox are tasteful, yet the riders are unidentifiable. It is not clear at first glance what gender the riders are, how old or what race they are.

The message EQ is sending is one close to show jumper Candice’s heart: “I am proud to compete alongside men and women and love being involved in a sport, which is so welcoming to everyone, that I can enjoy. “I have really enjoyed working on this project,” she continues: “it encompasses so many of my passions.” Candice, also an Oscar winning photographer and big Jilly Cooper fan, directed the shoot, photographed and edited the images herself.

When she’s not working with clients on their dream custom build horsebox, Candice loves being on the road in her own EQ truck, competing her horses and the design of the horseboxes reflects this. There is high attention to detail and impressive features, including slanting slimline tack lockers with under chassis space, CCTV and climate control. The design of the living ensures upmost comfort as well as facilitating maintaining a business away from home, with WiFi capabilities and USB ports for your technology and luxury leather and full-sized power shower to name but a few.

Equine Quality exudes quality in its brand and endorses equality in equestrianism.

For more information on Equine Quality horseboxes, please explore our website or contact Candice to discuss your horsebox requirements.

Press Contact: Harriet Brown PR

T: 07824771117


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